firearms training

rent a gun for class

Gun Rentals are here!

We now have gun rentals available for each class.  For $10 you can rent a Smith & Wesson MP9 for your class usage.  This will include the gun and all necessary magazines.

Back to School and welcome Fall

It has been a hot, fast Summer here in North Carolina.  Many people have been taking our Concealed Carry Handgun classes.  Our upcoming Fall class schedule is posted.  The same rule applies in that if…

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Congratulations to H’s Heroes!

per·fec·tion [per-fek-shuhn] noun 1. the state or quality of being or becoming perfect. 2.the highest degree of proficiency, skill, or excellence, as in some art. 3.a perfect embodiment or example of something. 4. a quality, trait,…

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