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Happy Flag Day

Here at Home Front Freedom, we fly the flag for every class.  It’s just a tradition we’ve done since our first class.  In the United States, Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. It commemorates…

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Telling the World about our classes

Once again, PKat Arms is promoting our classes to the community.  This big beautiful banner tells everyone who drives up and down US Highway 70 (not exceeding the speed limit of course) about our Concealed…

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People are loving our new Concealed Classes

We have received nothing but good comments about our Concealed Carry Classes.  The students are coming, learning things they did not know previously, getting a great experience, bonding with one another and having a great…

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Inaugural Class

After much anticipation, and several setbacks, we are now ready to teach NC Concealed Carry classes!!!  This has been a desire of mine since 1995 when the NC Concealed program first launched.  See our calendar…

your handgun purchase

Purchasing a Handgun

I get asked for advice on purchasing a handgun.  Questions like “what should I get?” or “how do I go about buying a gun?”.  Since most of our readership is in North Carolina, I will…

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It’s a Wacky World Out There

Happy New Year!  With this world becoming unglued, unhinged and quite frankly, undone, we find it comforting to know that folks like you are interested in arming themselves against the possibility of mayhem.  We have…

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