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Teaching Them to Teach Others

Today, we had the privilege of training more Instructors. While the NRA Education and Training division keeps tweaking its program and improving it, our Instructor Candidates who come to us are the cream of the…

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North Carolina Firearms Bills

There are currently two permitless carry bills and a Firearms Omnibus bill being reviewed by the NC General Assembly.  Educate yourself of these proposed laws and then contact your local representative to encourage them to…

More Instructors Graduate!

Saturday, we graduated 6 more NRA Certified Pistol Instructors.  Lexen was the lead Training Counselor, with some assistance from her hubby.  A great time was had by all.  But most importantly, we are helping to…

Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence

We are proud to lock arms with and the National Rifle Association to promote October 2016 as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Jenn Jacques at is heading up Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence to…

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The Most Unsafe Place…

I’ve said it for years. The most unsafe place you will ever find yourself in is a gun-free zone. To the violent criminal or the the radical terrorist, it is a smorgesborg of unprotected opportunity….

Gun Rights Review in 2015

The NRA produced a sobering infographic depicting the myth-breaking truths about how Americans REALLY feel about their Second Amendment freedoms. Join, Renew or upgrade your NRA membership now…Click Here  


Today, I swung my front door wide open and placed my Winchester Model 94 30-30 right in the doorway. I left 6 cartridges beside it, then left it alone and went about my business. While…

North Carolina National Guard

New NC law lets Guard members have concealed carry on duty

A bill allowing some North Carolina National Guard members to carry concealed handguns while on duty is now law. Gov. Pat McCrory signed the measure Tuesday at a ceremony at National Guard headquarters in Raleigh….

Governor McCrory

Omnibus Legislation Signed into Law

Governor Pat McCrory signed the GRNC-backed Omnibus Gun Legislation House Bill 562 into law yesterday.  This important bill was a huge victory that both our House and Senate fought for.  Among the victories for gun…

NC House Bill 562 Amend Firearms Laws

House Bill 562 is currently being re-reviewed.  The NC House GOP is counting and firming up votes for this bill.  This House Bill makes many changes. In its original form, H 562 would simply replace a nearly 100-year-old…

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