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2.5 Million Reasons to Teach

I know that you look around at the direction that things are going.  I know that you think to yourself, “if only I could make a difference”.  YOU CAN!  This crime prevention seminar can be…

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On Target with New Classes…New Classroom!

We are excited about what God is allowing us to do these days.  First, we now have a classroom that allows us to double our capacity.  With all of that extra elbow room, we can…

A word about revolvers…

You know , there are a lot of folks in the firearms industry that believe that a double action revolver is the “perfect” starter gun and a great concealed carry gun for a lady to…

Turn Your Dryfire Practice Into Something Great!

  Instant feedback during your dryfire practice:   Use Discount Code HFFLASR for 10% off! Home Front Freedom has partnered with LASR to bring you state of the art in-home training at a discounted price….

New High Tech Training is coming

We are really excited to bring to you a brand new type of training.  This week the NRA announced the Pistol Marksmanship Simulator Training Course.  We have ordered the equipment and will be offering this…

Shotguns and women

Tips & Tactics: Pre-Shooting Routine

Learn what a pre-shooting routine is and how it can help your performance with Jane Brown Keller!  


Price Drop Alert!

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picked the wrong house

So….You think your neighborhood is safe?

You know, all the time, I hear of folks here locally who leave their doors unlocked, cars unlocked, and so on.  You see them in the store, texting away, oblivious to their surroundings.  Packing the…

Constant Training

Tatiana Whitlock: Constant Training Constant training is crucial to retain and improve your shooting skills. Tatiana Whitlock provides advice on how to become the best shooter you can be in her final Tips & Tactics…

Text Before You Transition

Tatiana Whitlock: Text Before You Transition While letting a friend or family member know your plans and whereabouts is important, this should be done before you’re on the move. Tatiana explains why in this week’s…

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