Shotguns and women

Tips & Tactics: Pre-Shooting Routine

Learn what a pre-shooting routine is and how it can help your performance with Jane Brown Keller!  

NRA Women Armed & Fabulous | Cindy Gregory

Cindy Gregory was raised on the core values that raised our country – faith, family and freedom. In our society that often seems to be losing sight of these values, Cindy and her husband Joe…

Ammunition Anatomy 101

It seems like there’s a different round of ammo for every day of the year, but there are easy ways to know which type fits your needs the best. Join host Natalie Foster to learn…

Jane Brown Keller: Shotgun Stance and Movement

Jane Brown Keller explains how to position yourself along with the best way to follow your target so you’ll get a direct hit.  


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Love at First Shot

Love at First Shot…Rifles

From bolt-action to semi automatic, rifles inspire many women to participate in the shooting sports for the first time. Watch as host Natalie Foster talks with industry experts and shows first-timer Karson that despite what…

Constant Training

Tatiana Whitlock: Constant Training Constant training is crucial to retain and improve your shooting skills. Tatiana Whitlock provides advice on how to become the best shooter you can be in her final Tips & Tactics…

Text Before You Transition

Tatiana Whitlock: Text Before You Transition While letting a friend or family member know your plans and whereabouts is important, this should be done before you’re on the move. Tatiana explains why in this week’s…

Using a Mounted Light Home Defense

Using a Mounted Light for Home Defense

Tatiana Whitlock: Using a Mounted Light for Home Defense “You cannot and should not shoot at something you cannot positively identify.” For home defense, Tatiana encourages adding a mounted light to your firearm. Tatiana Whitlock…

Tips & Tactics by NRA Women

Carrying in different Outfits

Tatiana Whitlock on Personal Protection: Carrying in Different Outfits In this week’s Tips & Tactics episode, Tatiana Whitlock advises how to practice carrying in different types of clothing so you don’t print (show your firearm),…

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