When being a Good Guy With A Gun feels lonely…


You are NOT alone!  As a #GoodGuyWithAGun , you are a part of the ever growing population of armed citizens who have defended themselves or others with a firearm.  Check out THIS MAP put out by the Heritage Foundation (https://datavisualizations.heritage.org/firearms/defensive-gun-uses-in-the-us/), which tracks armed citizens who refuse to be a victim.  These are the cases which were reported, and oftentimes, never made it past local media.  Those who oppose our Second Amendment rights would have you to believe that incidents like the Greenwood Mall back in July are the exception and not the rule, but the facts show something different all together!

So, if you are not already a #GoodGuyWithAGun, it’s time to get proactive.  Our North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Course listing is Here (https://homefrontfreedom.com/classes/north-carolina-concealed-carry/).  Get registered and bring a friend!

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