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COVID-19 Coronavirus COVID-19 Coronavirus Precautions - We here at Home Front Freedom are firmly entrenched in the protection business. As a precaution and a prevention, we are screening all registered students for symptoms of the Coronavirus disease. If they indicate that...
Buyer Beware Online Concealed Carry Courses? Buyer Beware! - We have recently talked with a number of people who were “sold a bill of goods”.  They received an emailed advertisement to be able to get a US Concealed Carry License online.  I had never...
Carteret County 2A Sanctuary County Help Make Carteret County a 2A Sanctuary County - This is a great effort started by Ike Rettemair to grab the attention of the Carteret County Board of Commissioners. Sign this petition encouraging the county of Carteret, North Carolina to become a second amendment...
What's your plan? So, What’s Your Plan? - “It can’t happen to me”, “Our town is still pretty safe”, “We have a low crime rate”… Have you heard folks say these types of things before?  We sure have.  Especially when we talk to...
CONCEALED CARRY OF PRIVATELY OWNED FIREARMS FOR U.S. MARINE CORPS LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONALS - New MARADMIN authorizes Marine Corps Law Enforcement personnel to concealed carry on board a Marine Corps base while off duty if they have a current concealed carry permit. Read this directive. If you are an...
Havelock Gun Show This Weekend - Huge show. Come see us.
Black Friday Specials on All Training Black Friday Savings starts now! - BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL Use Promo Code friday to save 10% off on ALL Home Front Freedom courses! This includes: Concealed Carry Handgun Basics of Pistol Shooting Pistol Instructor Basic Instructor Training Personal Protection in the...
Happy Birthday USMC Happy Birthday to the US Marine Corps! - From Home Front Freedom and Jerry Miculek, we would like to thank all of our Marine friends for protecting our freedom for 244 years.  Semper Fi!  
Online registration is back up and running - Our online ticketing is back up and running.  Thank you for your patience.
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