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Real Estate Agents Increasingly Armed for Self-Defense - (This article is republished with permission of the author, AWR Hawkins) Real estate agents are increasingly carrying handguns with them on the job for self-defense. The representatives are often in isolated properties with people they...
We Don’t Want Chocolate for Valentine’s Day! - You know, there are some things that have been manufactured to meet an agenda.  Valentine’s Day is one of those “Hallmark” holidays, that we celebrate and really don’t know why! So, keeping that in mind,...
handgun training The Trail to Competence… - You know, it still amazes me how many people take a Concealed Carry Handgun class, and then you run into them months, or even years later and ask them when they went shooting last.  Their...
PKAT Strong! - Today, I stopped by PKAT Arms on their first day of business since Hurricane Florence’s flood back in September. It was so good to see the gang again, busy doing what they do best! As...
Stop the incremental changes to the 2A Combat Incremental Changes to our Second Amendment freedoms - You know, if you are like me, you don’t own a bump stock, don’t need one and don’t want one.  But the recent ruling by the DOJ to change the definition of  a machine gun...
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