Can’t imagine a better Conceal Carry class out there!

Outstanding class! Not your typical, follow along in the book ho hum class! Instructors brought excitement and energy to the materials! Very positive and encouraging feedback for the inexperienced shooter! Highly recommend for any level, regardless of your experience you will leave a better gun owner! Thank you Erik, Lexen, and David for a great day and lunch on top of that!

Todd Ogle

They were the most fun and gentle people

I had a wonderful experience with the instructors. That was only the third time I had ever shot a gun. I have been so afraid of guns for over 30 years that my husband just recently exposed me to guns for my safety and my children's safety. I did not shoot very well but they are going to give me a second chance to try to do better. They were the most fun and gentle people that they made me feel very comfortable with them. My husband is going to help me practice more with the gun and get my confidence up and then I'm going to go back and shoot my target and make a better score. I feel very confident that they will be just as gentle as they were yesterday. I think that everyone should take this course especially with them. I was there yesterday with my husband, my daughter, and a family friend from church and we had a wonderful experience in this class they are so gentle and laid back that they help you the whole time. Even though I did not shoot well they still did their best to keep my confidence up. I look forward to going back and shooting my target over again with them.

Christie Daris Lassiter

Very professional. Made the class lively and interactive. Engaging everyone in the class! If your thanking about! Just do it!

It had Been 10 years since I shot a handgun. I purchased a 9mm because I had a break in. I had it for a year, never shot it. Erik and Leven made me feel at ease and more sure of myself in handling my handgun. Thank you Home Front Freedom for making this 62 year old female feel more at ease with my safety!

Teresa Louise Queen

Learned a lot and feeling more confident

My husband I an took the NC Concealed Carry course, and it was great. While I had rifle experience from my Army days, I am new to handguns, so I really benefited from the general info about handguns and the basic safety and shooting fundamentals. The fundamentals instruction allowed me to feel more confident during the actual shooting portion of the course. They really do a terrific job at the range, maintaining safety at all times. Lexen was very encouraging during the shooting, she gave helpful advice and good demonstration on resolving problems, such as jams. I'm glad I had the opportunity to fire my pistol before taking the course, as this allowed me to know what to expect while shooting. I would recommend that anyone new do some familiarization training first so they aren't figuring out how to shoot while doing the certification firing for the CCH test.

Dawn Kirk

Stop That Threat!!

Where do I start? Let’s start with professionalism and knowledge. As a newbee resident to the state of North Carolina I wanted to get my concealed carry permit as soon as I could coming from the state of New Jersey. I wanted a course and instructors that were real and legitimate. Coming from a law enforcement and military background I had some knowledge of shooting but they definitely helped teach a few things that I never knew. Always learning. When I came to Home Front Freedom blew my hinges off the door and I knew I was in the right course. Erik and Lexen were very very knowledgeable in every aspect of shooting fundamentals down to the knick of the law. If you like your second amendment, your life and you love your family... I HIGHLY suggest you take this course with these professionals.

Paul Mueller
US Army

very professional, comprehensive, efficient!

I took Erik and Lexen's class back in July. Due to the increased nationwide interest in firearms I finally expect to receive my CC permit in January. Just want to say the class was very good, well worth the time and money involved. Instruction is always the best when your instructors are passionate about the subject and these two definitely are! Highly recommended!

I had the time of my life

I had the time of my life, Erik and the team gave great knowledge of what we were there to learn. I recommend that everyone that is able to attend their classes. I promise you'll leave with better understanding of what concealed carry is. Thanks so much for the knowledge.

William Hewitt

When I finished I felt very confident, in the handling of a gun, and the knowledge of the law.

My daughter and myself took the course. I was a complete 0 in knowledge. They were kind, funny, and patient. When I finished I felt very confident, in the handling of a gun, and the knowledge of the law. I can not wait to take more classes. Thank you for offering your knowledge to the public, you are much needed.

Tracy Raspatello

it was a blast and informational

This was a great group to have teach the course it was a blast and informational and made sure everyone understood the info and the techniques.

David szydlik

Friendly and energetic

I was nervous going in, but they made everyone feel comfortable and welcomed.

James Ricci

Brilliant Concealed Carry Instruction

My Wife Sue and I have just completed Lexen and Erik's NC Concealed Carry class. We both agree that the class was brilliant! If we were to describe the experience we found it to be professionally presented, properly paced, and VERY enjoyable. Lexen and Erik have the ability to clearly offer their wealth of information to students with little to no experience as well as seasoned pros. We could not have picked a better team of professional, caring, PATIENT and effective instructors. We HIGHLY recommend This team of Professionals for all forms of firearm training. Sue and I are considering taking the course again because it was so enjoyable not to mention the FREE PIZZA. Thank you Lexen and Erik, we were truly Blessed to find you.

Craig and Sue Siever
Siever Engineering

Extremely friendly and down to earth

I recently did the concealed carry handgun class and was amazed at the knowledge level of these instructors and the knowledge they bestowed upon the class. Extremely friendly and down to earth. Highly recommend to anyone!

Ian conroy

Well worth the effort!

I am a retired military person and have handled weapons for a long time. I wanted to get my concealed permit. You can always learn something new or be improved. Erik and Lexen made the course informative and fun for all levels of experience. I highly recommend these group for instruction!

Thomas Dougherty III

Professional, knowledgeable and caring

I'd recommend this class to anyone
Who cares about their Second Ammendment
Rights.  They are extremely knowledgeable, thorough and caring! I loved it!

Sharon Snyder

Wonderful people and very enjoyable to be around!

For being a moderate handgun operator. I learned things that I would have never known if I would not have went to their class! Not only did I receive my CCH Certificate but I learned things that made me a better shooter! These guys are awesome people and I would love to do class with them again in the future! Will definately be seeing them soon! Thanks for all you do!!!

Charles Shadrick
C&S Cleaning Services

Awesome class

Not only did I get my concealed carry which is what I said out to do I learned so much more I would recommend this class to anyone looking for their concealed carry because it comes with so much more.

Cynthia Abbott

I was really amazed...

I really was amazed at the knowledge these instructors had.they make you feel completely safe with the wealth of information they possess. I will be telling all my friends about their classes.

James dove

Very thorough, helpful and worth every penny!!

Very thorough, helpful and worth every penny!! Great class! Thank you both!

Nikolas Forsthoffer

Awesome class!!

This was my second class with Home Front Freedom and I loved both of them! The instructors, Erik and Lexen, are both amazing and super knowledgeable. I can't wait to sign up for other classes they offer. I highly recommend this company!

Katherine Oliver

Very enjoyable class

Very enjoyable class. I highly recommend taking the cch class. I loved it. Everyone needs to take the class, and further ur education in firearms.

Daniel Norman

Professional gun handlers passing their knowledge

These guys are the real deal and to anyone out there thinking about owning a gun. Go see these guys. Take their class, completely worth the little bit of money and time. These are the people I want out in public behind my family. Complete professionals and they make you feel at home regardless of your level of knowledge on guns. They even make you some good lunch.

Jos Bradbury

Highly recommended!

Shot the pistol for over 12 years in the Marine Corps and always felt below average and not very confident as I was with the rifle. So my expectation was, I would sit it in a classroom, go shooting and the result would be about the same. Boy was I surprised! Within minutes, Erik and Lexen had my attention and I was excited to be sitting in their class. I learned a great deal in one day that I was never able to master with the pistol before. I shot the best I ever have and feel extremely confident in my abilities with the pistol, thanks to their knowledge and personal approach to each and every attendee. Thanks a bunch!!!!

Ronald Gagnon

Exceptional in every way!

I walked into Home Front Freedom North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun training course (1) having absolutely NO previous experience with firearms (I am a 41-year old wife/mom) and (2) with quite a bit of fear of even holding a handgun. I was literally beginning firearms training clean slate.

From the moment you meet Erik and Lexen, you feel as if you’ve known them forever. They were warm and welcoming and quick to assure me that my lack of experience and the natural fear I had coming into the class, would actually work to my benefit! They were engaging and lively instructors, and I tried my best to take good notes and absorb every bit of knowledge they were throwing at me (like a sponge)! We spent 8 intense hours learning all the required material, and never did they act fatigued or teach with any less enthusiasm than they did when the class began at 8:00am. A husband and wife team, the manner in which they bounce off of each other while teaching appears effortless. It’s clear from the get-go that they are passionate about what they do; and they are truly exceptional their craft. They are definitely a dynamic duo!

I was the only female in a class of 16 (which could have been slightly intimidating), but I was assured that I would be fine, and that they would be beside me every step of the way. They were 100% true to their word! When it was time to head to the range, Lexen firmly had my back. When it came time to fire my weapon for the first time, I was still a bit nervous, but I did it. . .and then I did it again. . . and 38 times after that, my rounds landed right within my silhouette target. ME – the person who had never fired a firearm! I was over the moon and I attribute my achievement 100% to listening exactly to the instruction that was provided to me by Erik and Lexen and trying my best to put it into practice.

It was an amazing day! I cannot say enough about these two; their kindness, professionalism, vast knowledge base, their commitment to safety over all else and their commitment to their students’ success. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone looking to obtain their concealed carry handgun permit, or even for anyone looking to learn more about firearms, firearm safety, laws pertaining to the safe and proper use of firearms and the importance of protecting and preserving our 2nd amendment. On a scale of 1 to 10, this course was an 11! BRAVO, Erik and Lexen! And thank you – for being a true inspiration to so many!


Great Team

The instructors are very passionate and knowledgeable. They make the class very entertaining. I would recommend Home Front Freedom to anyone who is looking for a CCH permit. They also offer many other classes.

Mark Sheppard

The class was amazing!

The class was amazing! First time ever handling a pistol, but not a weapon. Instructors made the class easy to understand and really drilled information into your head by repeating it. The hype of the instructors, their tone, sense of humor, and knowledge made the course extremely enjoyable! This class needs to be referred all around. I’ve taken a lot from the class and feel more ready then ever to stop the threat. With the fundamentals learned from the class, I feel confident enough to use a firearm safely and religiously -range at least once a month! May God bless you- Erik, Lexen and the gang!

Tyson S Hill

take this course!

The instructors in this class were amazing, very friendly, loud, and all around awesome people to work with. They help you understand everything between gun safety to the laws and break down everything that you need to know. I would 100% recommend anyone to take this class! They made sure to drill info your head “don’t be a victim” and that is exactly why I took this class! If you have any doubt on this class... DON’T!! Thanks to all of my instructors for making me feel welcomed and making it an all around amazing experience!!

Riley Roberts
Home Front Freedom

Empathetic, passionate, and professional!

Erik and Lexen were amazing. They both possess a wealth of expertise and knowledge with an ability to make learning about firearm and firearm safety effective and fun. They absolutely reignited my will to train and research more myself. I will absolutely be back to attend more of their classes in the future!

Phillip Lannan

Amazing Instructors, Life Changing Education

My husband and I just completed Home Front Freedom’s Conceal Carry Handgun course Saturday, March 28, 2020. We knew from the contact we had before the class, email and phone call that these guys were really “on the ball!” The class size was a bit smaller due to the COVID-19 recommendations but nothing else was “sized down!” We received a warm and friendly welcome from the moment we drove up. Our most valuable positive impression was the safety aspect that is the “norm” at Home Front Freedom.” The classroom was a laid back atmosphere but nothing but seriousness with the information being taught. I could not imagine any other class that teaches this much information and actually gets it across to us with the skill set and care that Erik and Lexen provide. It is apparent they love what they do and care that you don’t leave without the knowledge and skills to carry with you for a lifetime.
After we graduated that evening, we were tired but underneath the tired body and a layer of gun powder, we left with a newly found sense of pride. We had just be given an invaluable gift, a responsibility that you must never take for granted. I can’t say thank you to Home Front Freedom for the education and skills they gave us to help provide a safe home, personal safety when at work and a new found pride in ourselves and our country for allowing the freedom to possess the handgun skills and a heightened sense of well-being.
If you are trying to decide which company to use in the pursuit of Concealed Carry Handgun or any of the other classes they offer, you’ve found the best one here. If you leave there with any feeling but totally satisfied, it’s your own fault.
Home Front Freedom is the company that takes you in and gives you everything you need to enjoy the very freedom we often take for granted. Reach out to these guys. You will be glad you made this decision!

Holley Meade

Most understanding and caring instructors

My wife and I are from the most beautiful state, the golden state , California born and raised our entire life, and my wife WAS not comfortable with guns at all, Lexen helped my wife the entire time we were taking the CCC, and at the range my wife shot 37/40 afterwards we both passed and my wife told me something that even she never thought of ever saying in her life “ let’s go to the gun store”. I thank them very much for everything

Merquisedethc Absalon

"Second Time Around"

Me and my husband had the opportunity to take this concealed carry class together two weekends ago. Let me tell you I'm so glad that I did sign up to take this class because I learned so much that I should know about firearms safety. Even though I did not pass the shooting range test part the first time, the Instructors was very encouraging to me to come back and redo the shooting range test again with them helping me with the knowledge that they have and me gaining the skills in what they have instructed me through. I went back that next week for the second time around I was able to pass the shooting range test part that day. I definitely would recommend anyone to sign up with Home Front Freedom CCC.

LaTricia F.
Tricia Creative Media

Take This Course!

The two reasons I took this class are:

1) A concealed carry permit is its own proof of character. To obtain a license in North Carolina, fingerprinting and background checks are required. These are routinely updated, so any unlawful conduct is flagged and the license can be rescinded. So every day, the license represents a fresh and up-to-date background check.

This is useful for a number of reasons, including interacting with law enforcement and purchasing new weapons. When engaging with law enforcement, such as during a traffic stop, providing a license to carry a firearm communicates to that officer that you are a responsible, law-abiding citizen.

2) Knowing you can defend yourself is incredibly empowering. Carrying a weapon and knowing how to use it safely gives you the confidence to face every day without fear of being a victim.

Best of all, you do not have to rely on others for your own protection. Police response time is not fast enough to prevent immediate danger, and a gun equalizes threats, whether you are five feet tall or a heavyweight wrestler, man or woman, old or young, disabled, outnumbered, or otherwise.

I highly recommend this class! At Home Front Freedom, they are extremely professional and knowledgeable staff and instructors. I brought my wife to this class and know this is the best training that she could have received (better than me instructing her). Proper knowledge of the use and safety of firearms should be number one priority if you plan on having a firearm at home for personal protection. I learned lots of things (I’ve been shooting in the Marine Corps for 20+ years). I’ll be sure to promote your class and services to all! The instructors at Home Front Freedom have a phenomenal ability to explain things in a variety of ways everyone understands. I’m greatly looking forward to taking more classes with you (very soon)!

I want to recommend this concealed weapons class to everyone. You will really enjoy the time spent and learn very valuable skills. The class was informative, well taught and ample time was given for hands on instruction. And WOW, they are even doing classes during the week to accommodate all people schedule.



My husband and I took the CCH class and it was awesome! Super Engaging, Fun and Enjoyable! I have been recommending this class to all my friends. Lunch was amazing as well. The team makes sure everyone understands everything, answers all questions, hands on help when needed, understanding and caring! You will walk away from the class understanding laws, rules, do's and dont's, and so much more. Its definitely worth coming to this class. You won't be bored at all. At the end of the day, you'll be glad you chose this program to join!

Delina Sorrels

Best Trainers Ever!

This is not the first CCH class I have taken. The other one I attended was a literal sleeper. The Hecks are very professional, very knowledgeable, yet they made the class very fun and exciting. They did not make newbies feel stupid. And, if an "experienced" person answered a question wrong, they corrected them respectfully. The energy between them bled over to the class.

Mary Helen Glass

The best training I've ever had

Erik, Lexen and David completely explained everything. Very knowledgeable people easy to understand. There were also very pleasant. Made the classroom and easy place to learn and work. The best training I've ever had

John J Kerwin

If you love your family, invest in their safety...

If you love your family, invest in their safety, get your permit now or potentially live to regret not getting it, and might as well get it from people who are as passionate as can be about your and everyone else safety.

Tony Volkova

Outstanding Operation

Outstanding operation. Casual relaxed. Had a great day. Thanks Erik and Lexen.

mark simon

Informative, professional and fun

If you want a one day class that doesn’t drag and make you zone out, this is it, so very much information presented in a way that you, GET IT. The instructors were very professional and yet made the class fun. I learned so much more than I expected to come away with. If you want to or need to take a concealed carry class, THIS IS THE ONE YOU NEED ! (picture attached of my first target shoot and this team got me here with their knowledge)

Brenda Dozier Brown

Excellent Class Taught by Extremely Knowledgable and Motivated People

I had been searching for a Concealed Carry class for a while before I came across Home Front Freedom's website. I had considered a few other local places (some with bargain basement pricing) but this seemed like a good fit. In the end I thank God I didn't choose anyone else. Erik and Lex are very good at what they do and are passionate about it. I walked away feeling even more knowledgable and confident than I thought I would at the end of the day. If you're looking for a concealed carry class and you're reading this, just stop and sign up with Home Front Freedom. I have every intention of continuing my firearms training and instruction with these guys.

Mark Hansen

"The Best & Knowledgeable Trainers"

My husband & I went to the Concealed Carry class. I truly recommend them for all training classes. We both learned so much, not only because the trainers are so knowledgeable but they also are very passionate about what they do. Most of all "They care about every student "!
We can't Thank You Enough!

Michelle Miller

Conceal Carry NC course past weekend Nov 2 2019

Well, I was last minute sign up and they accommodated me and even helped get me there
to location (newbie to NC). The course was well on par with a SIG SAUER/NH course content wise. Which I have been to many of them, so they're for real here.

Thorough is not the "WORD", Erik and Lex they are high energy people made sure you understood the reasons for carrying and the REASONS for carrying is to "STOP THE THREAT".
But, always do not take the "Aggressor" role. And at times try to avoid at all costs.

Being from out of state, things where spelled out that honestly could be over looked by me and others there (I AM GLAD THEY DID). They took time out of class to answer all our questions and ask "DID THAT MAKE SENSE TO YOU?" Not just text book stuff but real life situations what to avoid and how to react ACCORDINGLY!!! Trust me I've sat threw well over 20 classrooms on GUN SAFETY they're truly TOP SHELF INSTRUCTORS. US ARMY, US NAVY, HERE THERE THE REAL DEAL. and Lex sure can help you get on target (even for bad eye sight) God Bless the both of you.

Happy Training!


The best training I've ever had

Erik, Lexen and David completely explained everything. Very knowledgeable people easy to understand. There were also very pleasant and  made the classroom an easy place to learn and work. The best training I've ever had.

John J Kerwin

Best training I've ever done.

I moved here from another state where I had a concealed carry license. I had taken other concealed carry courses as well as general firearms courses that were no where near the level that Erik, Lexen and David provide. My wife will be scheduling for her class soon and I am definitely interested in furthering my training with these folks. Thank you so much Home Front Freedom.

David G Willis

Erik and Lexen were so fun!

“Erik Lexen were so fun! Very hands on and super high energy. They made absolutely sure that everyone was being safe and that we’d pass our tests no problem! I highly recommend to anyone and everyone looking to get there concealed carry!”

Alexis Cutshaw

Very professional

  1. I was formerly a military and a police firearms instructor for many years. I was a concealed carry holder from another state and since moving to NC, I had to comply with NC's rules and attend a course. I took the concealed carry course with my wife who is a newbie. I thought it would be a boring day for me that I would just check the box as a requirement for NC. I was surprised. The class was very well presented and very professional. With all of my training and experience, I learned some things. In addition, I watched them take the time to work closely with my wife and teach her the things I couldn't.
Marc Stevens

Full of passion about what they do

You can tell Erik, Lexen and David are full of passion about SAFE gun ownership. In the Concealed Carry class they taught the laws, they taught how to safely and comfortably hold the handgun, and how to aim effectively every time. "Time flies when you are having fun" and the day flew by because of Erik and Lexen's energy! They are fair and gave everyone the same attention, we had people in our class with very little experience to very experienced and everyone was treated with respect! Thanks Erik, Lexen, and David for a great class! I can't wait to sign up for more!

Crystal Cassagne

Very Knowledgeable and Friendly

My wife and I attended a weekend class. We attended one in the past, and unfortunately she let hers expire and I never found time to complete the application. On the way home we were discussing how much more information that we were given in this class compared to our other class. With so many ccw class choices, it was a hard decision. We are both so happy that we chose Home Front Freedom this time. It was so good we plan to attend other classes offered by them in the near future. Thank you again. Jon and Klavdiia.

Jon Rector
Baton Plumbing

This was an awesome, well needed class

This was an awesome, well needed class. We, as citizens, need to protect ourselves and our rights. Erik and lexen are great. God bless America and our president.


Their dedication to keep "God" in America...

The instructors, Lexen are Erik are the greatest, very helpful and knowledeable on the subjects they teach. They are dedicated to teaching our "God" given rights. I thank them for their dedication to keep "God" in America. God bless all of you.

P.S. The lunch was great !!!

Edward Ostrosky

Before you pull the trigger, know exactly what you are doing

I was very pleased that the instructors stressed that deadly force is almost always the last alternative in a self defense situation, and that life is very precious and before you pull the trigger know exactly what you are doing. I found the intructors to be some what humble and they shared with me that if the moment ever happens that I draw my weapon on another human being I will be comfortable in the decisions I make, may that moment never happen. I also found it comforting that they were spiritual people and that God had chosen them to teach me. Thy will, not mine be done!

David Brigman

More comfortable handling a gun

I had little to no experience handling a handgun and was scared and intimidated by them. After taking the conceal and carry class I feel much more comfortable with handguns and looking forward to buying my own and going to practice with it. Thanks to the great team at Home Front Freedom for a great experience.

Jody Gillikin

Even as a newbie, I felt like I was able to grasp all the concepts!

What a great course. Erik and Lexen know how to engage when teaching to make a long day exciting! Even as a newbie, I felt like I was able to grasp all the concepts!

Timothy Ellis

Enjoyable Saturday!

Good food, great instructors, and a lot of great tips and knowledge. Erik and Lexen were excellent instructors, the incentives and needs were clearly and concisely presented. This course is a must for responsible and safe owning, storing and operation of handguns and ammo. The variety of holsters and other accessories was good. Range time was very safe and a good time. I Heartily recommend this course and the instructors. I will be taking some additional classes with them in the future. The lunch and beverages were very good also and readily available. Very pleasant way to spend a Saturday.

William Kaletta


I truly felt rewarded after completing NC CCH course presented by Home Front Freedom. Erik and Lexen were very enthusiastic for us, as much as anything else envolved in this course. I was impressed with the emphasis on having the right attitude to advocate or use concealed carry. The very professional and high energy presentation carried throughout the 8 hours of the classroom session. Through their instruction, I achieved excellent results at the range and gained new friends in the process.

Mike Holton

Great CHP Course

Just completed the Home Front Freedom Concealed Handgun Carry course. Very well put together, and presented. Presenters clearly have the enthusiasm and knowledge to both properly train but also keep the attention of the attendees. I actually asked, during a break, if HFF was a 'franchise' or just 'you guys' because the entire process was so professional. The answer was "just us". Would recommend the course to anyone desiring to acquire a CHP in NC.

James R Butler

I had a wonderful time with my instructors...

I had a wonderful time with my instructors. They was nice and I learned alot of stuff I didnt know. I would recommend people to they class that want to be successful and get knowledge about handguns and safety.

Antonio Sullivan

This course was far superior in all aspects!

Outstanding course!! Enthusiastic instructors made this a wonderful experience!! I had taken another states CCH course prior to moving here. This course was far superior in all aspects!! I HIGHLY recommend!

Michael Phillips


Our NC Concealed Carry Course was truly an awesome experience with Erik & Lexen Heck and David Grant; the best instructors around. Their love of the field shines throughout every minute of class time while still keeping each of us as students truly engaged. I am grateful for the knowledge, skills, and passion that they all have imparted to continue my path along this journey as a responsibly armed citizen. Thank you and I absolutely look forward to further training with Home Front Freedom.

Samuel R. Charwood

REALLY Impressed

Wow! These guys do an AWESOME job with this course. I have received paramedic and USCG Captain’s license training as well as multiple college degrees. I really expected another course of “hoop jumping” to get my CCH permit. I was entirely wrong. These guys were hyper-professional, super enthusiastic and really had a vested interest in seeing all of us learn AND succeed. OF ALL THE COURSES IVE TAKEN IN MY LIFE, THIS WAS REALLY ONE OF THE BEST. A+++ to the staff and every component of the course!

Cary Harrison

CCH Class Was Terrific!!!

Just finished the class today, and it was great. The instructors were knowledgeable and able to answer all questions with confidence and down to earth examples. I am recommending this course to all of my friends. Even if they have no intention on ever becoming a CCH permit holder, any gun owner can benefit from this training.

Shane Porter


Finished my concealed carry class today and I have to say, hands down the BEST instructors around. They make a long class seem like no time at all. We all had a great time and learned some very important details we could all use. Erik and Lexen have put together the best series of classes around. If you are nervous, not sure, or whatever may be holding you back from taking this course, forget it! They will make sure you leave there with the knowledge you will need to comfortably, safely and legaly carry a concealed handgun.

Tommy Howell

Above and Beyond Firearms Training

I had the pleasure of taking my NRA Certified Pistol Instructors course with Erik and Lexen this past weekend. When looking for a class to take, it was either going to Raleigh, or Newport. Since I lived in Wilmington, I decided to head up to Newport. I am SO glad that I did. Erik And Lexen make the environment for their classes so incredibly welcoming and relaxed. They feel like family members you didn't know you had. They are so easy to talk to, ask questions to, and receive instruction from. They are extremely skillful, knowledgeable, and invested in their classes they teach. You can tell they really care about educating people. I will be taking more classes with them in the future, and would recommend them to anyone, beginner to experienced, for any training they may be interested in.

Cameron Purser

Excellent Concealed Carry Course!

The concealed carry course is excellent! I have to admit I was very nervous going into this course. I have only handled/fired a weapon once prior, but I would absolutely recommend this to any newbie to firearms. There is a lot of information but the course is fun and they keep it interactive. I will definitely be taking more courses to improve my knowledge and skillset! The cost of this course is a steal for what you get out of it. These guys are awesome!

Samantha Lindholm

You need this course...

It was a long day, but it stayed lively and extremely interesting through the entire course. I learned a lot, broke some old bad habits and gained more respect for our NC laws and the NRA.
Lexen and Erik are extremely knowledgeable and approachable instructors. I feel our entire class really benefited from being there.
Don't miss this course or Dave's lasagna for lunch.

Kent Miles Jackson
Precedent Gaming, Inc.

This was a great course

This was a great course. I especially liked the range portion that taught me the proper range safety, stance, and overall handling of a pistol.

Roxann Everett

GREAT course!!

Just completed my Concealed Carry Course today!!! An excellent and well-taught course. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and learned a TON of stuff I had forgotten over the years. Thanks to Erik and Lexen for their instructions and the excellent time spent on the range. The lasagna was also very good and greatly appreciated. A long but very worthwhile day.

Retired USCG

My safety is first, at Home Front Freedom

Thanks, Team Lexen, Erik, and Dave.
The Concealed Carry class lasted approximately 10 hours, from the classroom, to the in-house meal, to the shooting range, back to the classroom, The time went so fast. This highly motivated, knowledgeable team kept the class moving.  Safety started the moment I pulled in the parking lot, I was impressed, and relieved. Our class was a perfect size. They answered all questions, and worked hard with each individual to excel everyone to the passing level. Cost of the class for that experience was a give away.
Awesome class, Wouldn't change a thing.

Joe D.

Joe Doppes
FRC East Cherry Point MCAS


I was new at shooting a hand gun could not even hit the target nor even hit the paper. By taking this course and all the knowledge from this course I shot 40 for 40 on the target, thanks to the friendly and awsome staff.

Joseph Johnson

Good class!

A lot of important information covered about handgun safety, laws and regulations. Entertaining instructors made it go fast for me. Great lunch! Range is hot and buggy, just like NC!

David Schock

Concise, informative, helpful

The crew were always willing to help newbies improve thier shooting game groups and answer all questions. They care about you, and the group shown by the importance of safety.

Mervin Fulcher

Professional, Passoniate Specialists

I was a little nervous as a beginner - though I had great tips from friends on my 3 prior trips to the range. Learned a lot in the classroom and on the range. I plan to continue "perfect practice" - especially on that trigger finger! The instructors work diligently to help you achieve safe shooting. Highly recommend Home Front Freedom's classes to everyone!

Kathryn Hill

Awesome class

As a retired public safety officer I was very appreciative of the professional nature of the class. The training was thorough, the instructors kept the classroom interesting and the range activities safe. My wife had never fired a handgun and they made her feel confident and secure. She passed the firing range with ease because of the excellent instruction.
I would recommend this course without reservation.

David Rutledge

Would highly recommend this class

Great class very well done and informative.
Would highly recommend this class.

Kenneth Ghelli

Not your average class

Erik, Lexen, and David are great. The Professionalism, Knowledge, and Generosity in the class is from beginning to end. These are great people who love what they do and and it shows. Home Front Freedom taught everyone something, from newbies to the better shooters. The great personalities and laughter of Home Front Freedom kept this class a great, fun learning experience. Will be back soon!

Professional but Friendly and Welcoming

I am an old dog with a lot of training/experience behind me but no one knows everything and no one remembers everything the know all the time. This old dog learned new tricks from an improved grip through a more stable stance, a better way to obtain/maintain two eye sight picture, to better trigger control. After years of stuffing magazines, David even showed me a better way to load that difficult last round. All in all, one of the best days I have had in firearms training.

Jim Isom

Being a beginner, I was nervous at first...

This class was packed with information and instruction. The team was very professional and made everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. They made it a fun experience for all and provided a great lunch (with blessings included!) They taught with such enthusiasm and passion. Being a beginner, I was nervous at first, but they explained everything in such detail and with great demonstration, I felt comfortable when we got to the shooting range. Great class, great people!!

Susan Georgotas

Exceeded Expectations

Erik made the class interesting and,might I say, fun.

Dean Sorg

training beyond the scope and range of anything I learned in the military

I attend Home Front Freedom's first 2016 class for NC CCH and NRA pistol today. I am a USAF Veteran of 13 years and had to take yearly small arms training/qualification my entire career. Erik and his Team provided training beyond the scope and range of anything I learned in the military. The Team took time with each and every student to ENSURE they comprehended the tasks at hand. The knowledge and professionalism this Team provides is remarkable. I can't wait for my wife to attend their training and who knows I may just attend with her so I can refine my skills and eat that awesome lasagna!!! If you don't get your trying through Home Front Freedom you are doing yourself an injustice.

Todd Magnuson

this one kept me awake and interested the entire time

I had a blast. I'm usually dead during any kind of training but this one kept me awake and interested the entire time. Not the usual death by PowerPoint that most of us are used to. The staff were friendly and engaging, answering all questions and presenting the information in an interesting way. They even served us lunch and blessed the food before hand. I will definitely return for another course and bring some friends along.

Bryan J Hampton
US Navy

Extremely Knowledgeable and Professional

Erik, Lexen, and David all have it figured out. Their knowledge of concealed carry, the NRA, and everything else you will learn from their classes is outstanding. My wife and I both very much enjoyed their concealed carry class and all she has been asking me since is "when can we go take more of their classes?" I feel much more comfortable with not only NC laws but federal laws as well as a result of their concealed carry class. I recommend their class to anyone whether you're brand new to weapon handling or if you are experienced looking for a refresher course. The staff will be sure to take care of you!

Stephen N Cesare

Knowledge Packed Experience

Great course not only for the price, but for the information you'll receive. They really mean it when they say they will treat you like family, the hospitality was incredible. I definitely look forward to taking some of the other courses they offer.

Patrick Bingman

Great training! Great company! Great day!

I had previously taken the handgun safety course in Virginia in 1993 for concealed carry in that state and the NC conceal course in around 1999 when I relocated to NC. I attended this class with my wife who is a new shooter and was very pleased with the course. I learned some new techniques as well. Great lunch and great company. They recommended a local pizza place Crispino's which was gun friendly, we met there after class and had some great food and amazing peanut butter cheesecake. Thanks for a great day!

Steve Marshall

Perfect even for newbie!

Erik, Lexen and David are fantastic teachers who make everyone in the class feel comfortable and capable. Their skill engaged my husband, who has spent his life handling firearms, and their patience helped even me, a complete novice and chicken, learn the material and pass both the written and target tests. Couldn't recommend them more highly! Thanks, guys!

Tina Cowell

One of the best classes I ever have taken

The concealed carry class not only taught me all the details I need to own and use a handgun but also the things I need to know about the law and the situations I might find myself in. The presenters and information were easily understood and helped build self confidence that I learned all that was necessary to become a safe gun owner.

Jerome Luchuk

Outstanding teaching and staff

Took the concealed carry class today I muat say it was such a learning experience. They were so friendly and eager to answer questions and to break things down until you understood them. I will recommend this to any of my friends and I look forward to taking more classes in the future. Thank you for everything today!

mark collins

This was by far the best and most informative course

I have taken the course for a CCW in Connecticut and the course for Utah permit. This was by far the best and most informative course. My daughter wants to get her permit. Even though she lives in Greensboro, I am going to recommend that she take the course from Erik and Lexen.

Craig Veach

Information and understanding are such powerful tools

You took my total fear of firearms and helped me to push through the fear and handle a firearm. What a great feeling. Information and understanding are such powerful tools and you showed me how to apply and understand. Thank you so very much.

Juanita Pauline

Thank You for being out there for people...

I have attended several firearm classes in the past , but this class by far was the most interesting. I got more information from this class then I have received in the past from other classes. Thank You for being out there for people that need educated on the laws and how important firearms and our second amendment rights.

Tuesday Trusdle

Being a beginner, I was very pleased with the class!

I don't know what else you guys could do to be honest. Being a beginner, I was very pleased with the class!

Due to my lack of handling handguns, I believe I got the most out of the time on the range, and learning the laws. I really wanted to get the most out of this class. I believe I got that.

I want to say again, Thank you all very much! I personally learned a lot from the class! I think you guys do a fantastic job! Mrs. L made me feel very comfortable while on the range. While getting myself worked up, she helped bring me back down. Assured me, in what I needed to do. I am highly considering taking on another class in the near future!

Amanda Shirley

Every part of the course for me was most beneficial

The training was great. Every part of the course for me was most beneficial. (then there was lunch) thank you... The last time I used a hand gun was in the late 70's early 80's while at 29 Palms for training. I will let everyone I know to contact you for training. Thank you for a great time.

Ed Miller

a well formed course with an abundance of knowledge and energy

Coverage in North Carolina law and the ability to teach/cover in various ways to fit the need of any and everyone participating in the class was most beneficial. I have been in classes that herded people through, they taught the test conducted the range portion and moved on... This is a well formed course with an abundance of knowledge and energy to tag team the lesson plan.

Brian Brandenburg

you brought God into it where you could

Really enjoyed the class and the fact that you brought God into it where you could.

Susan Kaffenbarger

Absolutely Wonderful!!!!

I was very nervous going into this class. However, the amazing hospitality and relaxed, comfortable nature of the class eased my nervousness. The instructor was knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions the class had. He added some humor as well which helped me ease my aniexty. The whole team was great in the shooting portion and instructions were very clear. They helped to clear any jams and solve malfunctions with any handguns we had during shooting. Erik was wonderful and his wife was very knowledgeable as well. Overall the hospitality and class were great! I would recommended them to anyone. I look forward to taking more classes with them as well!

Erin Hunsberger

Everyone at Home Front Freedom helped us to achieve our goal

Great instructor with the background, knowledge, and enthusiasm to keep the class interesting. Our group was diverse and we were all made to feel at home and comfortable. The presentations and training aids were professional, but the most impressive part was the encouragement everyone received to succeed. I have seen instructors in this and other fields where the teacher's ego got in the way of the objective - this was NOT the case here. Everyone at Home Front Freedom helped us to achieve our goal. Thanks! I'll definitely recommend you to others.

Allen Parham

Before taking this course I was completely scared of guns...

Before taking this course I was completely scared of guns and terrified of the sight (of them).  While taking the safety lessons and going over the ins and outs of it all, I became a little less terrified.  Erik and Lexen were completely helpful at keeping me calm and letting me know I would be fine.  Out at the range, (FYI: I've never held a gun or shot a gun) I took all of the knowledge Erik gave me and all of the support Lexen was giving to me and learned how to shoot and I did quite well!  I scored a 43 out of 47!  I now know that in my home I am capable of protecting myself and defending my own.  Oh and did I mention I'm now a (lifetime) NRA member?  Thanks for everything Erik and Lexen.

Jessie Rittenhouse-Totherow

Home Front Freedom is the place to increase your confidence in all areas of gun responsibility!!!

Thank you Erik, Lexen, and "DG"

I am fairly new to the world of guns but I feel that it is my responsibility to protect myself, family and property. Taking the concealed carry class from Erik proved to be the best decision I have made in a long time. I no longer have any fears of how to protect myself. I have confidence with my gun, ammunition and holster as well as the NC laws concerning gun responsibility.

The entire team worked with me to ensure I was capable of success!!! Thank you again.

Angela Needham

Great people..great information..(to my shock) great time!

When I signed up for the class I was excited to be getting my concealed carry certification but dreading how "boring" it would be sitting in a class for 8 hours to get it. I couldn't have been more wrong! The class was great, very informative, and even fun at times (I particularly enjoyed when Mrs. Heck gave a "free lesson" on how to get out of duct tape). The Hecks were so kind and welcoming I found myself thinking "I wonder if they are friends with all of their past students"..because I can honestly picture that being the case!

Sabrina Robinson

An unusual combination of interesting training and hospitality

My wife had already signed up when I first heard about Home Front Freedom. She had only two free Saturdays before she started her new job, so it had to get done or she would continue to depend on a self-defense plan that included a weapon that she had not been trained to use safely, effectively, or legally, and that she could not legally conceal away from home. I had been uncomfortable with this state of affairs for her, but learning about defending yourself is something that each person has to decide to do for themselves. I was glad my wife wanted to get the training and the license to carry concealed. So I bought her a new gun, and getting my schedule free at the last-minute, I went to the website and signed up for the class too. Just like my wife (but with a bit more experience), I had been thinking about getting a CC license for years but had never found the time.
Erik, our NRA qualified instructor was very thorough in teaching the basics of how handguns work, handgun safety, shooting techniques, some emergency techniques, and the laws that apply to the armed citizen. When we went to the range later in the day, I was glad to see him closely supervising my wife as she was having trouble with her weapon. She had the opportunity to experience the same kind of problem that might happen in a real life situation, and learned how to fix the problem and get back to shooting.
We both needed this training, and we both enjoyed our Saturday together with seven other students and the Home Front Freedom team, each one of whom we truly enjoyed meeting and getting to know a little bit. The classes were taught in these folks' home where we were made welcome and comfortable. The food served for lunch was really good (even by my wife's standards) -- a good fresh salad and tasty lasagna; there was fresh coffee, and there were soft drinks and snacks available the whole time. It really was quite pleasant. And these people are so kind and friendly that aside from having to pay attention and learn some things it was like visiting relatives.
And of course, finishing up the day at the range where we got to practice the techniques we had learned in the classroom, with live ammo was the grand finale. It was great to see my wife confidently and safely handling her weapon - and putting all those rounds into a target even though the new gun jammed several times. And I learned again what a little pressure can do to affect my target acquisition.
The folks at Carteret County Sheriff's Office are very helpful and getting our applications in was simple. We apparently have 60-90 days to wait on our licenses, but even if we did not get the licenses at all, I would still be glad we took the course and say it was well worth the time and money.
Philip Clarke

education with a bang

I was absolutely terrified that I would not understand the class due to the fact that I have not handled guns much. To my surprise I was extremely interested and was filled with an excitement about future classes I intend to take. My confidence level has greatly improved from this experience and I can't wait to learn more. Besides the knowledge that was provided a wonderful lunch of salad and lasagna never hurts. Thanks to you all and can't wait for the next round.

Debra Slade

Awesome Class!

I took the concealed carry class yesterday and it rocked! I absolutely loved every part of the day. I can't pick a favorite section! The atmosphere was incredibly homey and relaxed, the lunch was delicious, the class was handled very professionally and the instructors were more than knowledgeable. We can't wait to take another class with you guys!

Katy Oliver

A bigger American Flag

Big Flag

This class makes me want to go out and buy a bigger American flag!

Craig Soltys

Excellent training!

I recently attended your concealed carry class. I have had extensive training with other schools. I am not a beginner by any means, but I still picked up a lot of valuable information. The information presented was easy to understand and very informative. I especially learned a lot about North Carolina firearms law for the concealed carry permit holder. Erik and his staff are great people. I highly recommend this class!

Michael O'Leary

the class exceeded my expectations

I am new to firearms, safety, and proper handling techniques. The Home Front Freedom website & staff are excellent & professional. I attended the CCH course and the class exceeded my expectations. The training & information presented was very informative. I recommend all new & old firearms people, to use this company's service and technical skills. Followed up with support of the NRA and your second amendment rights.

Timothy J McLeod


I have never owned a firearm in my life and have only been to a gun range 3 times. However, I instantly fell in love with my time at the range and shooting. I heard about HFF from a good friend of mine. I came to the site just to learn a little more and found out that they offer 1 on 1 class with your own personal weapon. Erik and Lexen were so patient with an amateur like myself. They went through basic safety for pistols and told me how semi-automatic guns work. Then they talked me through, step by step, how to operate, disassemble, reassemble, and safety check my firearm. I came home and had to show my husband all that I had learned! I am on a natural high and can't wait till this weekend when I go to the range. THANK YOU SO MUCH ERIK AND LEXEN!!! I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE CLASSES WITH HOME FRONT FREEDOM!!!

Craigan Lynch

Concealed Carry Class

I took the concealed carry class.  The knowledge of the materials they display makes these guys more than highly qualified individuals.  The experience you will get from them is phenomenal, I’m sure you won't find this style anywhere else.  Every individual working there has decades of experience and knowledge that they are so eager and want to teach.  The ambiance and wonderful family atmosphere they provide makes the class seem like a day with your best friends.  You truly get beyond your money’s worth.  Thank you guys again for an awesome day and for your time, I learned a great deal of knowledge that I was unaware I needed to know.  This class was a great learning experience.  Oh wait I must say that the instructors’ communication and presentation skills was superb. The instructor ratio both in class and at the range was adequate.  There was no death by PowerPoint for the presentation was tailored to the course.  (Which is good for being in the military that is a bummer).  You can't forget about the fabulous lunch that was served, yes lunch is included. Recommend without reservation, hands down.

William Harrell

Terrific class and top notch instructors!!

On 3/22/2014 I had the pleasure of attending a carry and conceal all day class taught by Erik and Dan with help some friends and family. It was a jam packed day that was way fun and I and the rest of seven person class learned a ton. We were all impressed with the professional content and class conduct. I recommend this class to all skill levels and ages. Great job..

Howard Lewis

Educational, Fun and Friendship - Perfect Class, could not ask for more!

My wife Diane and I recently took and passed the concealed carry course - What a Great Day! I have attended many different training classes in my life, this was by far the best. Friendly folks, comfortable setting, good food, obvious knowledge of the subject with good methods and great willingness to educate. They definitely made my wife much more comfortable.

I know customer service - these folks certainly do too. Don't look anywhere else because you will not find a better class.

Thank you again to the entire staff!!

Guns and Laws for Dummies 101

I am completely new to the whole "owning and operating a gun" scene. I was taught the ins and outs and every law I needed to know to be successful, safe and responsible with my gun. The class was full of information that was taught with passion and excitement. The instructors were very thorough and really wanted us to be educated about carrying a handgun. I recommend this class to anyone, especially women like me who needed to know the laws and safety and responsibility of concealing a weapon. I was highly satisfied and completely impressed. Thank you Home Front Freedom for what you do, how you do it, and for opening your home for such a worthy cause as this! We appreciate you!!!

Kristie Moore

Absolutely spectacular, tons of knowledge and wisdom to learn

Chris test firing a TEC-DC9


Everything from the classes given to their knowledge of the materials they are teaching they are more than highly qualified individuals. The experience you will get from them, I'm sure you won't find anywhere else. Every individual working there has decades of experience and knowledge that they want to teach. The ambiance and wonderful family feel they provide makes the class seem like a day with best friends. The price of the class isn't even close to what the price should be. Thank you guys again for an awesome day and for your time, I learned more than I every expected... 5 STARS hands down

Chris Cienkowski

Instructors were engaged and passionate about what they were teaching and I appreciated that!

I feel that this class was a great learning experience. All of the instructors were very personable. All had very good communication and presentation skills. Current legal and case presentations were relevant. Great student to instructor ratio (both in class and at the range). PowerPoint presentation was tailored to the course. Handouts and texts were current as were videos. Ample breakouts for discussion as well as a lunch that was fabulous. This is one of the most comprehensive courses in the area. Recommend without reservation.

Drummond Figg

Absolutely "On Target"

The Home Front Freedom team led by Erik do a complete and thorough job of training for both NRA Pistol and NC Concealed Carry! Combining safety as their number one focus with both theoretical and practical applications of pistol handling are invaluable. Their legal interpretations and explanations are outstanding! As a shooter and hunter for 50 years, an NRA Life Member, a past DU chairman and a former Harbormaster attached to the Warwick, RI PD, I learned a different perspective and more complete understanding of pistol shooting theory and technique. A very valuable course taught at an understandable level. Thank You!

Jim Yeames

Worth every minute!

I've been through several firearms instruction classes over the years, and this session with Erik and the gang at Home Front Freedom was more than I expected. Far from being a "class", they treat you like family. The training was interactive, well paced, and very personal. From the experienced shooter to the novice, this is the place to go for your handgun training. Great place to learn how and when to shoot a pistol or revolver.
Thanks again!

Kevin Treon

Excellent instruction and really good people.

Erik and his team do an excellent job of teaching this concealed carry class. He is able to teach to all levels of experience and get the information to the students. I did not really know what to expect but Erik and his team are extremely kind and made everyone feel welcome. If you are considering this class Home Front Freedom is the place. I walked out of there with the knowledge of the laws and feel comfortable to safely carry concealed for my protection. I was pleasantly surprised with all of the extras provided at an extremely reasonable price. Thank you

Scott Anderson

Could not ask for a better day.

First of all me and Lee want to thank you and your wife for the surroundings in your lovely and caring home, loved your puppies, made me feel at home..Awesome.  Learned a lot even though I have been in the Marines and law enforcement for over 45 years.  Had fun and could not ask for a better day

Bob & Lee Harvey

The REAL Deal

I have some experience in the use of firearms; as a new resident of North Carolina from Ohio, I wanted to attend a class for a concealed carry permit. I was fortunate enough to find Erik's classes, and was delighted in what I experienced. I am keenly sensitive to the conscientious demands that carrying a firearm places upon an individual.
Erik's class presented all the responsibilities, rights and risks involved in controlling the potentially lethal power that a firearm provides in one's possession. This class though comfortable and relaxed, is NOT frivolous.
Erik uses many teaching tools and offers a great number of resources to his students.

Gabby Smith

Best Class Ever!!!!

Some folks just come for the food!

Erik is very patient and extremely helpful to all shooters new or experienced alike. Erik and his wife do everything they can to make your experience during the class as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to take a concealed carry class, and best of all...THEY HAVE LASAGNA FOR LUNCH!!!!!

Kyle Bocker
PKat Arms

Treat you like Family

a wonderful afternoon

Home Front Freedom's personnel are very kind and patient. They provide everything you need to know about carrying in NC. I'm from southern California and had no idea how the laws worked in NC. Erik made sure we knew the differences. When we went to the range after qualifying, me and the guys stayed back with Erik and his crew to run a couple of drills on the firing line. It was pretty fun. I recommend the class to all.

Dylan Cummiford

I recommend this class to anyone who is considering carrying!

I went to Erik seeking knowledge and was not disappointed when I left. His class was more than efficient in covering everything I needed to know about concealing a handgun. He urged myself and the rest of his students to ask questions, and covered several different scenario's to ensure that we were aware of all the do's and don'ts that are involved with carrying. His price was more than fair, and his wife's lasagna was spectacular! I recommend this class to anyone who is considering carrying!

Paul Decker Brown

Comfortable and Informative

As a beginning shooter, I was very happy with how welcoming and reassuring Erik was. I had a great time in class and felt like I came away with a load of great information. Erik even helped several of us with our aim and trigger control at the range. Ms. Lexen also joined in to give a woman's perspective, which I thought was great! Not to mention a delicious home cooked meal and home-made sweet tea! I definitely recommend this class. Erik is very knowledgeable and the atmosphere couldn't be better.

Danielle Bowman

Simply Awesome Class!


I was searching for an establishment to get certified for Concealed Carry. After extensive research, I determined that I would like to receive the training that Home Front Freedom offers. If anyone is looking for training in firearms, I HIGHLY recommend they look no further than Home Front Freedom. Erik is a professional who has the experience to reach all shooters from the novices to the experts…everyone will gain knowledge from the class. Erik is also current on all the Gun Laws and future Gun Laws being enacted.

As stated by others who have taken this class, Erik and Lexen really makes you feel at home during the class. No need to worry about packing a lunch…snacks were provided throughout the class in addition to hot (homemade) lasagna for lunch. I can’t think of any other location where you can receive this type of training with snacks, lunch, range time, targets, and two certifications (NRA First Steps Pistol Orientation and Concealed Carry Handgun Training Course) all included for such a low price. After receiving the training, I’m a believer that everyone with a firearm should receive this type of training. The only regret I have is not bringing my wife along with me to receive training. I must give Home Front Freedom an A+ for what they offer!

Thanks Erik and Lexen!


Timothy King

Aug. 3rd, 2013 Class and Certification

James entered the elite corps of H's Heroes on 8/3/13

I had a wonderful experience, and would highly recommend him as an instructor of firearm safety and carry conceal certification. His attitude and knowledge were outstanding! He made the entire class comfortable, from a vet like myself, to someone who had never fired a weapon in their life. Absolutely, the sign of a great teacher! Thank you, Erik!

James Love


Attended Erik's class on 7/20/13.  Covered lots of good information and was pleasantly surprised by the friendly approach taken.  Like being taught something by your best friend........easy to absorb things when you are relaxed..........great food and snacks ...hats off to Erik and his wife Lexen.


willing to make sure you were getting it right

Great instruction.........willing to make sure you were getting it right and good food and class room setting.  Outstanding course.

John Henry Markham

Enjoyable class and very informative! 6/15/2013

I took the concealed carry class on June 15. I was greeted as soon as I got out of my car. The family is very nice and they make you feel at home. Erik Heck is very knowledgeable about guns and the laws that apply to concealed carry. $65.00 is a great price to pay for this class and it is cheaper than most other places I have researched in North Carolina. The price even includes an awesome lunch, snacks, and drinks during the day. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about earning their concealed carry permit.

Tim Howard

explained the information in a manner that anyone can understand...

I took Erik Heck's class and found that this class is time well spent. Erik Heck can explain the information in a manner that anyone can understand. And put forth information to pass the class and raise ones level of information. Erik and his wife Lexen are wonderful hosts. They provide a clean, safe environment (your dealing with guns, with people of varying levels of experience and knowledge) and Lexen provided a wonderful, delicious lasagna lunch with trimming. I highly recommend Home front Freedom.

Frank Sansone

5/18/13 Two Certifications One Class

I really enjoyed the classroom atmosphere, had snacks and lunch so come hungry! Shooting at the range was the best part because you could shoot the rest of the day, if you brought more rounds and for a nominal fee, the instructor would give additional training if asked. Overall it was a great experience and every question I had about the concealed carry process or shooting in general was answered, plus you get two certifications instead of just one. So what are you waiting for?

Albert Slocomb

Great, informative class all around! A++!!!


I've been to many types of training classes and never have I felt so relaxed and welcome. Erik and Lexen Heck are truly hospitable with comfort and safety in mind at all times. Erik's teaching method is spot on and he goes at the perfect rate for all experience levels. His safety at the range was constant and I felt at ease. While Erik is instructing, his wife, Lexen, is preparing the most delicious meal for lunch and they had a wide variety of snacks, coffee, and sodas available throughout the day. I won't forget the training I got there and am very grateful. Thank you. I plan on taking more classes with them once they are offered. P.s. We drove 3 hours to this class and it was well worth it!!!

Jessica Johnson

Professional and Fun

What a great course! I thought a class like this would be kind of "dry" but not with Erik. He is a great instructor who brings a tremendous amount experience, good advice, and knowledge to the table. If you are a beginner or an advanced shooter you will feel comfortable in his class. You get two courses in one and lunch is also included all for 65.00. What an amazing deal. I am definitely going to recommend him. a++

Joshua Maragni

Great People and Outstanding Class

I cannCheri & Jimot speak highly enough of Erik Heck and the way he teaches. My wife of almost thirty years has never been comfortable with any type of guns in our house. She had a bad experience when she was a child and that has been imbedded in her memory ever since. Erik covered all hand gun safety rules, the right way to handle a hand gun; the different shooting positions and laws of conceal carry. Erik’s wife Lexen helped so much in making Cheri feel comfortable about guns, my wife has never shot a gun, not only was she able to shoot a pistol she qualified and passed the conceal carry course. Now she’s excited about shooting and looking for her own hand gun, something a little bigger than a .22 . Great Class I have and will continue to tell everyone I know about Home Front Freedom. Thanks You So Much!

Jim Kofink

They even cooked us lunch... 🙂

I was very pleased with Erik and Lexen Heck.....they were very professional and also made me feel relaxed since I had not ever shot before.....I passed my written and also my shooting test and qualified. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to take the Concealed Carry Class. They even cooked us lunch.... 🙂 Thank you guys so much for all you did for me.


Cheri Kofink

Best Training in Eastern NC! TWO CERTIFICATIONS in one class!!!

Home Front Freedom is Stellar in every aspect from the beginning of class to the very end. From the start we were greeted with amazing hospitality. (fresh hot coffee, delicious snacks, and cold drinks.)

The class was so informative, and everyone from the basic beginner to advanced walked away from Erik's class with a wealth of knowledge we did NOT know before we entered. Then we were served a delicious lunch provided by their crew. (lasagna, salad, and bread sticks, etc.)

All this was topped off with a finale at the range where we did the practical course, and received our two certifications! (bragging rights!) I have told everyone I know about Erik and how much I recommend Home Front Freedom!!

Colton Sterling

good experience...

I found it to be a good experience and Erik was an excellent instructor. I have already recommended his company to several others who are interested in his concealed weapons course.

James McDonald

up to date...

The crew at Home Front Freedom are up to date on all the laws and regulations that are required by NC and Federal. They are also very skilled on the shooting aspect of the course. I recommend that anybody go check them out.

Thomas Jones

thomas jones


The course was fun, crucially detail oriented, thorough, informative, and very comfortable. It was well worth the 2 hour drive my friend and I made to take it.

Charles McDaniel Coleman III

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