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the Dream…


Erik & Lexen relocated to North Carolina in the early 1990’s. In 1995, North Carolina passed into law the Concealed Carry Handgun program. The desire to become a state certified instructor was then birthed. In 1998, Erik lateraled over from active duty service to reservist duties. Training reservists was like training civilians. Many of them had little knowledge of firearms and had to be taught from scratch. Erik would find himself going to the range after hours to coach and instruct challenged shooters, so that they could qualify the next training day. At the same time, many of his friends from church would ask for his advice and coaching on the range. Lexen, with her background in marketing, possesses much business sense. Having found herself also “hooked” on the shooting sports, she began to be the wind beneath the wings of desire in her husband. From there, God began to open doors, and then more doors. When the timing was right, God allowed them to found Home Front Freedom.

Our Mission…

In a society that is driven by much hype and misinformation about guns and the like such, Home Front Freedom will endeavor to provide firearms training and education in the selection, safe handling, practical use and proper storage of firearms inside and outside of the home. We will provide you up to date and factual information and how it relates to everyday life. It is our earnest desire to help make America a safer place.

The Team









In 1993 Erik Heck began teaching firearms to the US Coast Guard professionally as a certified Small Arms Instructor. His passion for gun safety and proper firearms handling coincided with his duties as a Maritime Law Enforcement Officer while serving his country during his career. Soon, Erik had literally trained thousands of service members, many of them who previously could not qualify. Erik loves to be at a local restaurant and have one of his former trainees come up and introduce him to his friends, telling them, “this is the man who taught me how to shoot….”. Upon retirement, Erik was frequently asked by friends, fellow church members and others, to take them to the range and teach them how to shoot.

“I love to have a new student who has little to no experience, they have no bad habits to correct!” says Erik. He is committed to teaching people safety first, and then the fundamentals of marksmanship. His passion for shooting sports embellishes his classes to make for an “edge of the seat” educational experience.

Erik’s certifications:



Personal Protection in the Home


tc-color-300x300One of Three NRA Appointed State Training Counselor Liasons
for the state of North Carolina

rso-colorcrso-color NCDOJ Refuse To Be A VictimRefuse To Be A Victim Regional Counselor
US Coast Guard
Small Arms Instructor
Maritime Law Enforcement Officer
Maritime Law Enforcment Trainer
Next Level Training Affiliate Instructor

Lexen Heck is the one that makes things happen around here. Wearing many different Home Front Freedom hats, most everything goes through her. With her background in marketing and advertisement as well as sales management, it is a perfect fit for all that she does. She is a top-notch instructor and NRA Training Counselor, and is an incredible asset to the team. It is her touch that makes every class such a great learning experience for all.  She has a passion for firearms safety that shines everytime she instructs.


Lexen’s certifications:



Personal Protection in the Home


rso-colorcrso-color NCDOJ Refuse To Be A Victim
Next Level Training Affiliate Instructor


David Grant is one of those guys you can always depend on to help out. He helps with everything from cooking and cleaning during class, to range setup, to running errands while class is going on. He is dependable and reliable in every sense of the word. Truly a behind the scenes kind of person, David takes the time to make sure all the students are served snacks and beverages throughout the day. A veteran firefighter, David is also an avid shooter and firearms enthusiast. On the range, as a Range Safety Officer, he has eagle eyeballs and can spot a safety issue before most. We don’t know what we would do without our “DG” (pronounced deed-j). But the greatest title that we can bestow upon David is that he is a true best friend.

David’s certifications:

rso-colorRefuse To Be A Victim



Our Classes…

We currently offer North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun courses which include our Introductory Pistol Course along with North Carolina law governing Concealed Carry and the Use of Force. This is our signature class that has become extremely popluar. Sign up online for the date of your choice and read all the details about the class of your choice.

We also offer NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting, NRA Pistol Marksmanship Simulator Training, NRA Personal Protection in the Home, Refuse To Be A Victim®, Range Safety Officer, Chief Range Safety Officer, and Instructor level certification and training in all of the courses listed. We will provide private classes upon request.

Our newest addition is the Every Day Carry Courses 1, 2, and 3.  This is an advanced defensive pistol course to challenge the concealed carrier to new skill levels.

We also offer Firearms Familiarization, and GUNFAM 1:1 training.

Many of our all day classes provide materials and cover all of your range fees. A comfortable classroom setting that seats 24.

Home Front Freedom LLC is woman and veteran owned and operated.

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