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So, you’ve completed your Concealed Carry Course.  You’ve been training to be your best, at least once a month.  You have picked up your CCH Permit from your local Sheriff’s Office.  You are carrying competently and confidently.  You no longer consider yourself to be a beginner… Now what?

Home Front Freedom’s Every Day Carry 1, the Next Steps CCH

This is the defensive pistol course to follow up the scenario above.  To teach you things that every concealed carrier needs to know.  This is beyond a law class and beyond a pistol marksmanship class.  Both are necessary and both are foundational starting points. This course is for those who want to go to the next level in training.

Prerequisites: (not optional)

  • A North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Permittee with a current CCH Permit.
  • Must have personally fired at least 500 rounds through their everyday carry gun.
  • An everyday carry holster in which they are intimately familiar.
  • Their semi-automatic pistol which they carry every day (sorry, no revolvers):
    • Must be in good serviceable condition.
    • Must be cleaned prior to using on this course.
  • At least 2 magazines which fit their gun. Magazines will be carried however the student normally carries them (magazine pouch, pocket, etc.).
  • If not a Home Front Freedom CCH graduate, must take a written pre-law exam and pass with a 80% or better.
  • Must demonstrate a very high standard of firearms safety both in the classroom and on a “hot” range. There will be zero-tolerance for safety breeches.

Course Description:

Home Front Freedom LLC’s Every Day Carry 1 Course introduces experienced students to the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for carrying a handgun every day in their ordinary routine of day to day living. This course is for the experienced shooter who has already demonstrated the highest standard of gun handling safety and maintains a level of proficiency on a routine (at least monthly) basis. A firm understanding of Concealed Carry laws is also required. Through this course, the students will have a brief review of safe gun handling, basic pistol marksmanship, flash sight shooting, point shooting and the importance of acceptable speed/accuracy. This course will also cover tactical countermeasures and theory, judgmental scenarios as well as firearm retention. Every Day Carry 1 will prepare the student for a new level of training and encourage them to continue their training. It will also prepare them for soon to be released Every Day Carry Courses.

What you will need:

To compliment the materials mentioned above in the prerequisites section, you will need:

  • 200+ rounds of target ammunition
  • Hearing Protection (preferrably amplified)
  • Eye Protection
  • a Ball Cap
  • note taking utensils
  • A great attitude!

A detailed email will be sent to you prior to the day of the course.  Cancellations must be 48 hours prior.

Seating is limited!

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