Back to School and welcome Fall

It has been a hot, fast Summer here in North Carolina.  Many people have been taking our Concealed Carry Handgun classes.  Our upcoming Fall class schedule is posted.  The same rule applies in that if you bring 6 registered friends to class with you, your class is paid for.  We can accommodate 16 students in a class, so you will have room for your 6.

Bring some friends to classWilliam (center second row with NRA ball cap) set the record when he brought 13 family and friends with him.  The class was full with his crowd and some others.  We have also had several folks, who already had their Concealed Permit, come to class just to revisit the laws and re-familiarize themselves.  They have all told us that the original course that they took was nowhere near as comprehensive as our course is.  With new laws taking effect on October 1st, you may want to take a refresher yourself.  Please continue to train yourself and fine tune your shooting skills.  These are the skills that will save your life or the lives of others one day!

Tight groups,

Erik Heck

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