Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence

#BAADVWe are proud to lock arms with and the National Rifle Association to promote October 2016 as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Jenn Jacques at is heading up Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence to highlight the fact that a temporary restraining order or order of protection is not always an effective tool in stopping an attack and showing that owning a gun can and does save lives.  This reality is what Home Front Freedom was founded for.

In our efforts to assist the victims of domestic violence, for the entire month of October 2016, we will be offering a $10 discount on all classes scheduled during the month.  These victims will need to provide a copy of the active order of protection or restraining order to validate.

Courses that are scheduled are:

All students must register using the links above.  Discount for qualified students will be rendered at the class, once validated.

Lexen and I look forward to imparting crucial lifesaving skills to many folks who need it the most.

God bless & tight groups!

Erik Heck