Don’t Be Fooled By a Red Ammo Box!

Not new ammo

Buyers beware!  With the current ammunition shortage going on, there are some gun stores out there who are selling hand-loaded ammunition as new ammunition at new ammunition prices.  Some of them explain that these are re-loads, and some do not.  Some of them package them in plastic baggies and sell specific amounts that way, others have packaged them in these nice red boxes, selling a box of 9mm hand-loaded ammuniton for $23.95!  This is deceptive at best, and could be very dangerous, because YOU DON’T KNOW WHO LOADED THEM!  Were they loaded by a competent person, or were they loaded by a minimum wage employee, with their brand new press and a YouTube video on how to load ammunition?  You don’t know!  Unless they were remanufactured from a licensed ammunition manufacturer (Like Lazy K’s in Havelock, NC), our professional advice is to refrain from buying this ammunition.  Just wait, and watch, you’ll find some new stuff trickle out from time to time.  Be patient.  But please don’t be fooled.

Effective IMMEDIATELY: If you are registered for one of Home Front Freedom’s firearms courses and plan on using one of our guns, please do not show up with hand-loaded ammunition, we will not accept this ammunition for use in our guns.  You have been advised.

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