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Tropical Prediction Center

TERRAPIN.COM Hurricane Information

Hurricane Track…by Mark Sudduth

Tropical Tidbits…by Levi Cowan

Tropical Update …by Weather Underground

StormPulse …Stormpulse, LLC

Coastal Cams, Hurricane History..and other weather-related links

Tropical Storm Tracking…shows past track of current hurricane(s) / storms

AccuWeather® Hurricane Center


NOAA UPDATES…text only, latest bulletin on top – usually connects

FEMA… homepage for hurricane evacuations, press releases, insurance info


American Red Cross

NOAA Tropical Prediction Center

Additional Hurricane Information

The Saffir/Simpson Hurricane Scale




Winds : 74-95 mph (64-82 kt)
No real damage to building structures. Damage primarily to unanchored mobile homes, shrubbery, and trees. Also, some coastal flooding and minor pier damage.

Winds : 96-110 mph (83-95 kt)
Some roofing material, door, and window damage. Considerable damage to vegetation, mobile homes, etc. Flooding damages piers and small craft in unprotected moorings may break their moorings.

Winds : 111-130 mph (96-113 kt)
Some structural damage to small residences and utility buildings, with a minor amount of curtainwall failures. Mobile homes are destroyed. Flooding near the coast destroys smaller structures with larger structures damaged by floating debris. Terrain may be flooded well inland.

Winds : 131-155 mph (114-135 kt)
More extensive curtainwall failures with some complete roof structure failure on small residences. Major erosion of beach areas. Terrain may be flooded well inland.

Winds : 155+ mph (135+ kt)
Complete roof failure on many residences and industrial buildings. Some complete building failures with small utility buildings blown over or away. Flooding causes major damage to lower floors of all structures near the shoreline. Massive evacuation of residential areas may be required.


Blank Tracking Charts

Eastern Pacific

E. Pacific track chart thumbnail(pdf 296k)
Full Atlantic

Atlantic track chart thumbnail(pdf 928k)
Western Atlantic

Western Atlantic track chart thumbnail(pdf 110k)

These are reduced versions of the actual tracking charts used by the National Hurricane Center. You may need to install the free Adobe® Reader to view and print them.

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