New Instructors with a New Pistol Course

Pistol Instructor Class 2016-01

Lexen and I had the privilege of graduating the first of a new breed of NRA Pistol Instructors.  The NRA Training Division is on the cusp of launching a new type of Pistol Course called the Basics of Pistol Shooting.  This new format will allow the student to take the first portion (Phase I) of the course online, at their own pace.  Once they have completed the objectives of Phase I, they then sign up for Phase II which is an Instructor Led Training (ILT).  After consulting with the Training Division, we were directed to teach the new method of instruction.  After overcoming some material shortages due to national backorders, these Instructors have received the latest and greatest NRA Pistol Instructor curriculum.  We enjoyed our two days with the cream of the crop. We look forward to hearing their results as well.  Tight groups fellas!