Concealed Carry Handgun Course

NC CCH Classes
This is the first step towards obtaining your Concealed Carry Handgun Permit in North Carolina

Like most means of protection there is a right way and a wrong way to protect yourself with a firearm. In our Concealed Carry Handgun class we will cover the following:

  • Legal Issues
  • Handgun Safety
  • Handguns
  • Handgun Fundamentals
  • Marksmanship Fundamentals
  • Carrying Concealed Safety Issues
  • Presentation Techniques (drawing your handgun)
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Ammunition Types
  • Written Test
  • Handgun Proficiency Test (must hit target 35 out of 47 shots fired).
  • Shooting is done from the 3, 5 and 7 yard lines.

This class is the first step towards obtaining your North Carolina Carry Concealed Handgun (CCH) Permit.  This class takes approximately 8 hours.

Cost is $60 and includes:

  • Home Frontp Freedom Introductory Pistol Course packet and certification (great for future reference)
  • Lunch
  • Range time (no range fees – private range)
  • Great instruction
  • Good time

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what to bring…

  • A handgun that you are familiar with
    (we have handguns available to rent for class, $10.00 additional)
  • At least 50 rounds of ammunition
    (more if you think you will need it.  Please buy your ammuniton from PKat Arms)
  • A holster along with a suitable belt to support it
  • 2 magazines (for semi-autos) or a speed loader (for revolvers)
  • Hearing and eye protection
  • A valid drivers license or photo ID (this is for the range)
  • A notebook and pencil or pen
  • Suitable clothing for shooting in an outdoor range
  • $65 cash (sorry, no checks)
  • A hearty appetite (we share our lunch with you)

PKat Arms in Newport should have most anything you need with regard to the firearms related items above. Call them at (252) 777-4293 or visit them at 6919 Hwy. 70 East in Newport. Tell them I sent you!

Please bring your unloaded gun and no ammunition in the classroom. Please try to be on time or a little bit early. All students must be legally able to possess firearms according to State and Federal laws. Please make sure that you are well rested and that there is no chance that you are under the influence of any substance that would inhibit driving or operating heavy machinery. The morning portion of the class will be on firearms safety, handgun basics, ammunition, marksmanship fundamentals, concealed carry techniques. After lunch we will cover the law, take a written test and go to the range. It’s going to be an information packed, fun-filled day.

If for some reason you cannot be there, please let us know no later than 6 pm the Friday prior to class. This is because we go grocery shopping for the class, so please let us know! If you bring 6 friends with you then your fees will be covered. Again, let us know by 6 pm Friday.


For information about other classes or private instruction, please email us:

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