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The NRA has launched a brand new introductory Pistol Course that is ideal for beginners to learn pistol safety and marksmanship or shooters who want to fine tune their skills.  Using a simulator means that there is no live fire.  This is perfect to introduce you to handguns, get some excellent one on one shooting instruction and hopefully stir your interest in taking a live fire class in the near future.

This course focuses on the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship and demystifies topics such as aiming, trigger control, hold control, breath control and proper follow through.  It uses a Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) professional training pistol that is hefty enough to feel realistic and has a functional magazine and sights.  This is paired with a Laser Activated Shot Reporting system to record all shots that are fired.  The end result?  You will leave the class seeing how the basic fundamentals, when applied, really work and you will be ready to take a live fire class.

We will be scheduling some specialized family gun safety and handling classes focusing on gun safety with children, some ladies only classes and much more. We intend to offer these classes on various week nights in our class room.  We can also take this setup to other locations to train in variouus settings.  The equipment is on its way and we cannot wait to use it for this new NRA course as well as develop some other types of training.  Stay tuned!

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