So, What’s Your Plan?

What's your plan?

“It can’t happen to me”, “Our town is still pretty safe”, “We have a low crime rate”…

Have you heard folks say these types of things before?  We sure have.  Especially when we talk to them about getting their Concealed Carry Handgun Permit.  Then the excuse list comes out.  Well, we recently had not one but two armed robberies in Havelock at two different gas stations.  Places that you and I go to regularly.  Lexen and I were talking about this and Lexen asked me a very sobering question: “Where were the armed citizens?”  One report said a store clerk was held at gunpoint for about 2 minutes.  God bless her!  That must have been the longest 2 minutes of her life.

You know, worse than the excuses that we hear regularly, we also hear the self-incriminating statements like: “I know I should get my concealed carry”, or “I’m gonna get in a class someday…”  What’s it going to take?  How much more evidence do you need to prove to you that this world is not getting any prettier?!?  Crime is becoming more and more prevalent.  Not only do you need your Concealed Carry Handgun Permit, but you also need to have a PLAN.  All of the pistol training in the world cannot help you if you do not have a plan!  Whether you are out and about, or tucked into your blankets in bed, you still need to have a defensive strategy in order to substantially increase your odds of surviving a threat.

Below are some suggested courses that we offer to fine tune your skills, educate you on what the law says, and help you to develop a personal safety strategy.   We hope that you will join us for these: