So….You think your neighborhood is safe?

picked the wrong house

You know, all the time, I hear of folks here locally who leave their doors unlocked, cars unlocked, and so on.  You see them in the store, texting away, oblivious to their surroundings.  Packing the SUV with groceries, without regard to the car that pulled in beside them.  In our classes, we teach 360° awareness at all times.  Always have a plan, practice the plan and be prepared with a plan b and a plan c if necessary.  When it comes down to it, you will perform the way you practice.

Here is a story of a retired law enforcement officer, who lived in a quiet, “safe” neighborhood.  One of the intruders was a former employee of the pest control company that serviced the family’s house.  He already knew his way around.  It was an inside job!  Watch this video, then sit down with your spouse and think about just who all knows the ins and outs of your home.  Create a plan, practice it until perfected and then practice the perfect plan regularly.  Don’t become a Statistic!

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