Thankful for so much


It’s hard to believe that it is Thanksgiving time again.  The start of the holiday season is once again upon us.  It is that special American holiday where we give thanks to Almighty God for all that he has blessed us with.  You know, we take freedom for granted more than we would like to admit.  You will always hear me expressing my appreciation for the Second Amendment to the Constitution, but more than that, what about all of our other freedoms that we take for granted?  How about our freedom of (not from) religion and speech (First Amendment).  Our Constitutional protection against unreasonable search and seizures (Forth Amendment).  Not to mention, that the Constitution does not list all of our individual rights (Ninth Amendment) and the right of citizens of all walks of life to vote (Fifteenth and Nineteenth Amendments).  Those are all liberties and freedoms just from the amendments of the Constitution, just to name a few.  We as Americans have so much to thank God for, that we don’t even realize on a daily basis.  This coming week, take some time to write down some things that you just couldn’t imagine living without, and then pray and thank God for them.  Go down the list and dwell on them.  I’ll bet, as you do, you will think of even more that you are thankful for that you will need to write down too.

We here at Home Front Freedom are so thankful for those of you who have taken our training.  We truly want to make a difference in our world.  If we can impart some of the knowledge and skill that we have been fortunate enough to learn, to most of you, and you tell someone else, who signs up for our classes… and the process continues…  You can see, how you will help us to make that impact in this world.  Our hope is that we can send out a movement of trained citizens that the criminal community will be afraid to touch.  Stay vigilant, use 360° awareness and keep your finger outside of the trigger guard until you need to move it.  Stay safe and God bless! – Erik & Lexen

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