Using a Mounted Light for Home Defense

Using a Mounted Light Home Defense

Tatiana Whitlock: Using a Mounted Light for Home Defense
“You cannot and should not shoot at something you cannot positively identify.” For home defense, Tatiana encourages adding a mounted light to your firearm. Tatiana Whitlock is a Refuse to Be a Victim® and NRA-certified basic pistol instructor, trained range safety officer, Krav Maga student and self-defense expert

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Special Note: Home Front Freedom does NOT advocate the practice of sweeping a room or clearing a space with a pistol mounted light.  The first thing that an intruder will attempt to do is shoot the light.  We teach to use a separate combat light.  One of my favorites is Harries technique.  The light on the gun is used to illuminate an area that you intend to shoot.  Personally, I train with a Viridian Laser/Light along with a separate light.  I do not train to sweep a room with the muzzle of my pistol.  The pistol should remain in a high compressed ready position and deployed only when aquiring a viable threat.  For more on other techniques, please see USA Carry’s Article here.