Who won the Training Bucks?

Training Bucks

Congratulations to our winners!

Dirk Athey $40 (4 referrals)
Alyssa Tolley $20 (2 referrals)
Joseph Daugharty $10 (1 referral)
Vincent Molinare $10 (1 referral)
Nathan Dorshow $10 (1 referral)
Trinity Lewis $10 (1 referral)
Sydney Ellers $10 (1 referral)

These folks referred students to our courses and received a $10 credit towards any of our upcoming courses for each person they referred. They all referred 11 people to our training, amounting to $110 in Training Bucks awarded.

These folks can apply this credit towards future trainings like our Every Day Carry 1 Course, Refuse To Be A Victim® or our Instructor Training.  They must use this credit before the end of the year!

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