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certified instructor Teaching Them to Teach Others - Today, we had the privilege of training more Instructors. While the NRA Education and Training division keeps tweaking its program and improving it, our Instructor Candidates who come to us are the cream of the...
Adding to their Arsenal of Instructor Tools - T0day, we equipped 5 new Pistol Instructors with the Personal Protection In The Home Instructor certification. Congratulations to Sherri, Terry, JR,Walt and Chad for completing the Personal Protection In The Home Instructor course. Our nect...
Pistol Instructor Teaching the World to Shoot - Obviously, Home Front Freedom cannot teach the world to shoot, but we can teach others to teach one student at a time.  Friday and Saturday, we did just that.  There are now more Pistol Instructors...
North Carolina Firearms Bills - There are currently two permitless carry bills and a Firearms Omnibus bill being reviewed by the NC General Assembly.  Educate yourself of these proposed laws and then contact your local representative to encourage them to...
Walther CCP Recall - We see a lot of Walther CCPs go through our classes.  I ran across this today, and thought it worthy of sharing. RECALL NOTICE: Walther CCP Being Recalled Due To Drop Safety Issues (source: thefirearmsblog.com)  
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