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gun busters The Most Unsafe Place… - I’ve said it for years. The most unsafe place you will ever find yourself in is a gun-free zone. To the violent criminal or the the radical terrorist, it is a smorgesborg of unprotected opportunity....
Interstate10 We Celebrate Their Sacrifices - Two Army Rangers, First Lt. Andrew Yacovone and First Lt. Justin Wright, who are deployed in Afghanistan also form a country music band called “Interstate 10″. While on deployment they wrote, recorded, and edited this...
perfection On Target with New Classes…New Classroom! - We are excited about what God is allowing us to do these days.  First, we now have a classroom that allows us to double our capacity.  With all of that extra elbow room, we can...
NRA-Basic-Pistol-Phase-II-Lesson-Plan-1 New Instructors with a New Pistol Course - Lexen and I had the privilege of graduating the first of a new breed of NRA Pistol Instructors.  The NRA Training Division is on the cusp of launching a new type of Pistol Course called...
Screen-Shot-2015-12-31-at-10.39.29-AM[1] Gun Rights Review in 2015 - The NRA produced a sobering infographic depicting the myth-breaking truths about how Americans REALLY feel about their Second Amendment freedoms. Join, Renew or upgrade your NRA membership now…Click Here  
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