firearms training

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Telling the World about our classes

Once again, PKat Arms is promoting our classes to the community.  This big beautiful banner tells everyone who drives up and down US Highway 70 (not exceeding the speed limit of course) about our Concealed…

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People are loving our new Concealed Classes

We have received nothing but good comments about our Concealed Carry Classes.  The students are coming, learning things they did not know previously, getting a great experience, bonding with one another and having a great…

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First Class a Success

Today was our first class.  While only having a week to promote it, we had some excited participants.  A couple of them drove 2 hours from Wilmington to attend.  The class went awesome and without…

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Hearing & Eye Protection in stock at PKat Arms

I just talked to the folks at PKat Arms and they have stocked up on hearing and eye protection for your classes with Home Front Freedom.  Not a big investment, but an important one.  Get…

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Inaugural Class

After much anticipation, and several setbacks, we are now ready to teach NC Concealed Carry classes!!!  This has been a desire of mine since 1995 when the NC Concealed program first launched.  See our calendar…

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