Becoming a Weapon of Mass Instruction…

Go Lexen!

NRA Instructor

This past Saturday, Home Front Freedom became a “weapon of mass instruction”.  A great BIG CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Lexen, who completed her NRA Basic Instructor Training and Pistol Instructor Certification.  She obtained her North Carolina Department of Justice Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor training last year along with David.  Lexen  has always been a valuable asset both on the range and in the classroom since Home Front Freedom’s inception, but now she has the credentials not only to back it up, but to teach solo if she chooses.  We are so very proud of this accomplishment.

A great big thank you goes out to Barry Allen and his bride to be, Rhonda in Wendell, NC.  They had instructor training scheduled and had some cancellations at the last minute due to snow and ice.  But they did not cancel on us.  We braved the elements and had a fantastic time of learning and practical exercises while we were there.  It was great to be around folks who are like-minded.

Go Lexen!

Lexen braving her instructor training in the snow!

Lexen and I will be adding more certifications to our arsenal to provide you with the very best firearms and personal defense training possible.  This will also enable us to offer some weekday training sessions.  She intends to offer some women only training sessions that are linked with the NRA and other national organizations.  Home Front Freedom has always been very women-friendly, but we want to totally demystify firearms to all ladies who want to learn to properly defend themselves.  We look forward to becoming your go-to organization when it comes to firearms training.

Tight groups,


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