The Major Went to His Final Inspection

Maj. C. A. Heck
Charles A. Heck January 25, 1926 - February 1, 2015

Charlie HeckToday, the world and our family lost an amazing man. Charles A. Heck was a retired Major from the US Army Military Police Corps.  He enlisted in the Army at a young age in the WWII era.  Quickly, he gained rank and then was awarded a field commission.  Charlie retired from the Army after 20 years and then went on to serve his country for yet another 20 years in the US Marshal’s Service.  He and his wife then retired in Largo, FL.

Many addressed him as Major, others addressed him as Inspector, but my sister and I knew him as Dad.  The condolences for his loss have been flowing in continuously.  Thank you.

Dad will be missed by many who served with him and probably not by those that he had to arrest.  Either way, Charlie Heck has made an impact on the lives of many.  I’ll miss you Dad.  March on.

Obituary of Charles A. Heck