Sweeping Changes to North Carolina’s Firearms Laws

H937 Makes its rounds through Congress

It is encouraging to see our lawmakers take a serious look at a long overdue overhaul of the state’s antiquated firearms laws.  Back in 1995, when the North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun law was first passed, there were sweeping restrictions implemented and many of those restrictions still stand.  A couple of years ago, our lawmakers came out with H650, the Omnibus Firearms Bill which created the North Carolina Castle Doctrine and made some refinements to all of our firearms laws.  A lot of water and an election has gone under the bridge since then.

H937 was sponsored this year by Representatives Schaffer, Burr, Faircloth, and Cleveland to amend various firearms laws.  They address some of the following changes:

  • Allow Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) holders to lawfully carry their personal protection firearm into a restaurant that serves alcohol.
  • Allow CHP holders to carry into a place where tickets are sold for admission.
  • Fix the problem of anti-gun localities overstepping their authority regarding restricting CHP holders from carrying firearms into locally controlled parks.
  • Allow CHP holders to transport and store their firearms in their vehicles when on the grounds of education facilities.
  • Bring North Carolina in compliance with the standards set forth in the federal NICS Improvement Amendments Act (NIAA) of 2007—a critical mental health reform.
  • Ensure the privacy of CHP holders by allowing access to the database of permittees only for law enforcement purposes.
  • Remove the prohibition on CHP holders carrying their personal protection firearms during a parade or funeral.
  • Remove the prohibition on using firearms with sound suppressing devices while otherwise lawfully hunting game.

This House bill overwhelmingly passed the House, then it went to the Senate, where the Senate added more pro-gun changes to it, then it came back to the House, for further adjustments.  Rumor has it that this bill could go up for final vote as early as Thursday.  If you have any interest in seeing this bill passed please contact your NC State Representatives now.  Irregardless of your politics, you can make your voice to be heard and your representatives want to hear from you.  They will discuss your concerns and share their view with you.  Tha’t’s why we elected them.  To represent us.

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  1. ****UPDATE****
    This bill was passed by the House and the Senate and sent to Governor McCrory for signature Tuesday late evening. Look for the governor to sign this into law real soon. Click here for more information

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